Placing Dogs in the Lap of Luxury


Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society is always looking for fosters. With our focus being on those with special needs our fosters require an excellent veterinary reference and an interest in providing the extra time and care our dogs typically require.  Many of our dogs are in care long term and becoming a foster with MMDR can be a big commitment. 

Fostering is a very rewarding way to care for the many abandoned and abused dogs looking for new homes. These dogs need a safe and loving home to stay in until they find their permanent homes and your kindness and dedication is greatly appreciated.

Your role as a Foster Home is vital since you will be the primary care giver and protector for these dogs, some of which have never had a loving home. You are also there to make sure that they are getting all their necessary vetting, physical and emotional needs. It is impossible not to grow attached to them, no matter how long they are in your care, but knowing that you have prepared them for their lives in a happy home makes their leaving easier.

MMDRS provides its foster parents with everything necessary to care for their foster dog (food, crates, collars, etc). All veterinary care and medications are paid for by MMDRS.  The only thing that you need to give them is LOVE!

Foster Application

10. Are all pets in the home spayed/neutered?

11. Are all pets in the home up to date with vaccinations

13. Is your rental pet friendly

43. Do you understand and accept that changing an animal's environment may cause the animal to have accidents, especially in the early days of fostering?

44. If, for any reason, you are unable to keep fostering a dog, do you agree to notify MMDRS immediately so that we can take possession and look for another foster family?

45. Do you agree to abstain from tethering this dog without direct supervision?

46. Do you agree to abstain from using electric training collars and fencing?

47. Do you accept that Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society makes no explicit or implicit guarantees in reference to health, and/or temeprment or whether the animal is housebroken.

48. Are you willing to allow in-home checks, follow-up calls and verification of suitability of placement?

Please provide us with two references in addition to your vet. These should be non-family members who can speak about your suitability as a foster home.

I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this application is true as of the date of this application. I agree that submision of this form will constitute a legally signed document.

I give permission for a rescue representative to call my listed references.

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