Adoption Application

All applications will be thoroughly processed to ensure that any dog in the care of Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society (MMDRS) is appropriately matched with a suitable home. The time invested in the application process is to ensure that everyone benefits from each adoption: both the home and the dog in care.

Because we work with special needs dogs on a case by case basis some extra requests may be included in an evaluation depending on the dog's specific needs.

Adoption fees will be $275 for all dogs.

We reserve the right to refuse any adopter without providing just cause.

Completing an Adoption Application provides MMDRS with information. It is not a guarantee that potential adopters will receive a specific dog or any dog in our care. We also reserve the right to share information gained from applications with rescue affiliates if deemed appropriate.

​Adoption Application

***Be sure to click "Submit" when complete***

11. If renting, are pets allowed?

Please provide the following information for TWO non-family references that we will contact.

Please call your Vet to give them permission to speak to us regarding your pet. If we call and they said you have not contacted them to release the information we need, your application will not be processed.

Section Two: Please answer the following questions as completely and honestly as possible.


3. If you currently have animals, are they all spayed/neutered?

4. If you have deceased animals, were they spayed or neutered?

5. If you currently own animals, are they up to date on all their vaccines?

6. If you have deceased animals, were they up to date on all their vaccines?

Adoption Agreements:

Do you accept that we require all current and/or deceased animals that you have had in your household in the past 10 years be spayed/neutered before an adoption of this rescue animal can take place?

Are you aware and do you accept that MMDRS requires a non-refundable adoption donation ($275)?

The average dog has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Are you willing to make a commitment both emotionally and financially to this dog, for the rest of his/her life?

If, for any reason, you are unable to keep this dog, do you agree to notify MMDRS immediately so that we can take possession and look for another adoptive family?

Do you agree to abstain from tethering this dog without direct supervision for the duration of its life?

Do you agree to register for training and to provide MMDRS with details and progress reports from a reputable, POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT oriented trainer and to assume the costs associated with this?

Do you agree to abstain from using electric training collars and fencing for the duration of this dogs life?

Do you accept that Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society makes no explicit or implicit guarantees in reference to the health, and/or temperament of the animal? The animal is adopted as is and the adopter assumes all responsibility for treatments of any and all existing conditions or any other conditions of physical or temperament changes that may occur and that you agree that Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society in no way can be held liable with regards to this investigation and/or placement. While Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society makes every effort to place only healthy animals and temper tested animals, Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any animal and shall not be held responsible for any medical expenses which may be incurred, temperament or whether the animal is housebroken

Are you willing to allow in-home checks, follow-up calls and/or pre-adoption verification of suitability of placement?

Have you ever been convicted of or investigated as in relation to animal abuse; neglect or fined under either the Provincial Dog Act or Municipal Animal Control By-Laws?

If this is a long distance adoption, and you are unable to keep the pet, are you willing to assume the responsibility, including travel and financial responsibility, for either returning the pet to us or ensuring that it is boarded at a safe boarding kennel until we can ensure reliable transportation?

If there are municipal by-laws pertaining to pet ownership in your area and all dogs MUST be licensed in your municipality, do you agree to license your dog once the adoption is completed and have him/her wear a tag at all times?

Do you have any affiliation with any other rescue group or rescue/humane organization?

By submitting this application, you agree to give Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society and/or any representative acting its behalf, permission to fully investigate the information provided as well as permission to contact any veterinarians and/or other officials and/or organizations and/or references given on this application as it relates to pet ownership.

I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this application is true as of the date of this application. I agree that submision of this form will constitute a legally signed document.

I give permission for a rescue representative to call my listed references

"Please click the "submit" button to send your completed application. We will email you within 24 hours to acknowledge that we have received it. If you do not get an email from us, assume that your application somehow got lost en route and contact us at misfitmanordogrescue@gmail.com. Thanks!"

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