Placing Dogs in the Lap of Luxury


Misfit Manor Dog Rescue's primary focus is to assist dogs who have medical issues as well as senior dogs, however we do accept other surrenders.

We do NOT have the knowledge, resources or foster homes that are necessary to work with behaviour issues such as biting or aggression and will not take in dogs with these challenges. 

Surrender Request Form

Owner Information

Dog Information

Where do you keep the dog when you have to leave the house?

When left alone does the dog:

When allowed outside the dog was:

When allowed outside unsupervised did the dog:

Does it get along with other dogs?

How does your dog react when:

Would you say that most of the time the dog is: (check all that apply)

What type of people does the dog feel most comfortable with?

Is the dog afraid of:

Will the dog let you:

Groom it

Bathe it

Clip it's nails

Medical and Vetting Information:

*A voluntary contribution towards the future care of your dog is always appreciated and can be accepted at time of surrender or e-transferred to

It is often helpful if you can email a picture of the dog to us at

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